About Us

Pairing her creativity and design expertise with Derek’s (her husband and CEO) strong business acumen, Emilce Borz founded Bella Borz handbags in 2010.

With love of fashion in her blood and design in her background, Emilce’s collections are inspired by modern architecture and the urban woman in mind and are handcrafted and distributed from NYC. The designs are modern, clean and the silhouettes of the handbags are unexpected and bold.

The main innovation of the line is the unique way in which the handbags can be constructed and de-constructed and worn in different ways. There are pouches that are detachable from the handbag and can be attached to belts, used by themselves or even reattached to a different handbag. This allows the customer to mix and match colors and be playful and creative with her accessories.

Bella Borz handbags are made in the heart of the fashion district in New York City; a city that has given Emilce so much opportunity in business as well as in life.

I am a woman that works for women. I work for the pursuit of style, design and uniqueness. When you wear a Bella Borz handbag, you will definitely be noticed…