Wit and playful sophistication are hallmarks of Bella Borz’s collection. Inspiration is drawn from cosmopolitan images and metropolitan scenery from  New York City and Miami.

The designer finds significance in the unpredictably elegant elements of everyday life, bringing a graceful and exuberant approach to style and living. Menswear-inspired colors and shapes are fused with unexpected details and textures.

Imitating the diverse architectural styles of the New York City, each handbag comes in a different shape and size forming an alluring assortment of structures and shades.


The Philosophy behind the brand is to create handbags that women can use on a daily basis as they run their busy lives, while being extremely stylish and comfortable; handbags that celebrate femininity and focus on functionality.

BellaBorz focuses on detail and innovation in hardware and design. Inspired by Urban Chic street style, art and culture of busy New York Lifestyles and fashion icons of past eras that heavily cultivated style, each handbag is a statement of expression and individuality.

The designs move seamlessly from work to weekend, keep clutter organized and never weigh you down.

Emilce had longevity in mind when she created Bellaborz. My handbags will just get better and better with wear. When you have broken your bag in, you feel so in love wearing it. Some bags are great brand new but the best bags are those that have gotten plenty of love