BELLA BORZ supports Explore Network

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Bella Borz supports Explore Network

Agatha bag is auctioned at Explore School’s Annual Fundraiser on May 11, 2011

New York, NY – On May 11, Bella Borz participated at Explore School’s annual fundraiser that took place at the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The purpose was to benefit Explore Network’s two schools, Explore Charter School and Empower Charter School that serve students in under-served communities to ensure they have the critical thinking skills and academic abilities they need to succeed in a college preparatory high school.

“Excellent public education should not be a privilege, awarded to some children, based on the circumstance of where they happen to be born. I am a firm believer that demographics should not determine a child’s destiny. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to study using scholarships and my own life improved greatly after getting my degree. Education opens doors for a better life. It is the beginning of a better society and a more humanitarian world.” Emilce Borz, designer of Bella Borz, explains.

Emilce donated Bella Borz’s popular and highly coveted Agatha bag in navy blue with a white pouch. The bag was auctioned starting at the original retail price.

Bella Borz-Handbag

With the everyone’s support, over $36,000 was raised, a 300% increase from last year’s event.

BellaBorz is a line of contemporary, top quality leather handbags meant to shake up what has always been a quiet accessories category. Pairing her creativity and design expertise with Derek’s (her husband and CEO) strong business acumen, Emilce Borz founded Bella Borz handbags in 2010. Inspired by modern architecture, the designs are neutral, clean and well-defined with unexpected bold stripes of color. The main innovation of the line is a removable pocket that becomes a clutch bag; a smaller bag that is functional and practical. It is also collectible, exchangeable and fun. The larger bag is a 24-hour carryall. Bella Borz handbags are made in the heart of the fashion district in New York City; a city that has given Emilce so much opportunity in business as well as in life.

Explore Schools’ mission is to create and support a network of K-8 public schools in under-served communities that provides students with the academic skills and critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in a college preparatory high school.

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