Introducing Bella Borz- A contemporary handbag collection made in New York…

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New York, December 2, 2010Bella Borz, a newly launched line of innovative design leather handbags, is already creating a buzz among fashion editors and modern day fashionistas.

Inspired by contemporary architecture, urban chic style, art and culture of New York Lifestyles and fashion icons of past eras, each piece is a statement of expression and individuality.

Emilce Borz is proposing neutral, pure, well-defined designs with unexpected pops of color. “I am a woman that works for women. I work for the pursuit of style, design and uniqueness. When you wear a Bella Borz handbag, you will definitely be noticed” explains the designer

The handbags are made in the heart of the fashion district in New York City with top quality materials, 100% Italian leather with sturdy fabric interiors and metal zippers.

INSPIRATION - Wit and playful sophistication are hallmarks of Bella Borz. Inspiration is drawn from cosmopolitan images and metropolitan scenery from New York City and Miami. The designer finds significance in the unpredictably elegant elements of everyday life, bringing a graceful and exuberant approach to style and living. Menswear-inspired neutral colors are fused with punches of bright, bold, unexpected colors in shades of bright green, pink and purple infusing energy into the design. Imitating the diverse architectural styles of the New York City, each handbag comes in a different shape and size forming an alluring assortment of structures and shades.


PHILOSOPHY – The philosophy behind the brand is to create handbags that women can use on a daily basis as they run their busy lives, while being extremely stylish and comfortable. Handbags that celebrate femininity and focus on functionality. The designs move seamlessly from work to weekend, keep clutter organized and never weigh you down.

SS2011 - Emilce’s first collection is called Fuse. A strong sense of personal style and a passion for color set the tone of the line which comprises of five different styles meant to shake up what has always been a quiet accessories category. The main innovation is a removable pocket that becomes a clutch bag; a smaller bag that is functional and practical; it is also collectible, exchangeable and fun. The larger bag is a 24-hour carryall with customized hardware that allows pockets to detach easily. As modish and minimalistic looks take hold this season, Fuse presents itself as a key statement, spicing up women’s ensembles.


DESIGNER BIOGRAPHY - Emilce Borz aims to make a statement in the demanding US fashion scene. With her distinctive, bold and contemporary handbag designs, she reaches to modern day chic city girls looking to stand out in the crowd.

Pursuing a career in design, Emilce earned a degree in Graphic Design at The School for Superior Design and later, a degree in Communications from The National University of Argentina. At the age of 25, she moved to New York and where she received a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt University.
After a successful career as a Packaging Designer for high-end beauty companies in New York City (where her work has been nominated for several FIFI awards, known as the Oscars of the Fragrance Industry), she decided to apply her vision into innovative handbag designs, reflecting the cultures of her native Rosario, Argentina and Latin America, though dynamic color combinations and diverse shapes and patterns.

Dividing her time between Manhattan and Miami, Emilce draws inspiration from the uniqueness of women from these cities. “New Yorkers are daring, original and know how to make a statement, while Miami women know how to draw attention and command the scene. Bella Borz handbags combine the bold and contemporary elements of New York with the ‘look at me’ attitude of Miami” Emilce says.

Bella Borz handbags are manufactured in a women-owned factory in New York, where the best, the new and the eclectic blend harmoniously.
Emilce currently resides in New Jersey with her husband Derek, co-owner and International Sales Director of Bella Borz handbags.

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