About the Collections

Why are the Bella Borz collections different?

With a strong desire for individual self-expression, consumers demand forward thinking design, however classic durability remains important. Our collections vacillate in between minimalistic shapes with an out of the box concept.

The concept behind our collections is the unique way in which the handbags can be constructed and de-constructed and worn in different ways. There are pouches that are detachable from the handbag and can be attached to belts, used by themselves or even reattached to a different handbag. This allows the customer to mix and match colors and be playful and creative with her accessories.

What are the materials that are used?

Bella Borz handbags are made with top quality materials, 100% Italian leather with sturdy fabric interiors and metal zippers. Silver hardware is customized to allow pockets to detach. Attention to detail is a point of pride for the brand. We also used some exotic skins, as well as some interesting tweeds and wools.

The idea is to enrich functional and utilitarian handbags with luxury and glamour crafting surprising sophistication.

Supreme simplicity is the new design ethic for luxury goods. The pared-back aesthetic will be achieved using superior quality materials and high-end craftsmanship.