The Designer

Burgeoning handbag designer, Emilce Borz, aims to make a statement in the demanding US fashion scene. With her distinctive, bold and contemporary designs, she reaches to modern day chic city girls looking to stand out in the crowd.

Pursuing a career in design, Emilce earned her first degree in Graphic Design at The School for Superior Design and later, a degree in Communications from The National University of Argentina. At the age of 25, she moved to New York where she received a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt University.

After a successful career as a Packaging Designer for high-end beauty companies in New York City (where her work has been nominated for several FIFI awards, known as the Oscars of the Fragrance Industry), she decided to apply her vision into innovative handbag designs, reflecting the cultures of her native Rosario, Argentina and Latin America, through dynamic color combinations and diverse shapes and patterns.

Incorporating elements from the latest trends but always maintaining a timeless appeal, the brand offers structured styles, soft Italian leather, a rich color palette and fine hardware.

Dividing her time between Manhattan and Miami, Emilce draws inspiration from the uniqueness of women from these cities.

New Yorkers are daring, original and know how to make a statement, while Miami women know how to draw attention and command the scene. The Bella Borz handbags combine the bold and contemporary elements of New York with the ‘look at me’ attitude of Miami.

Emilce Borz, Designer